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IL injuru lawyerWhen an individual patronizes a bar, restaurant, nightclub, retail store, or other commercial business, he or she expects that the business will take reasonable steps to prevent customers from being harmed. However, not every business fulfills its duty to keep customers safe.

Negligent security lawsuits are brought against businesses and property owners when inadequate security causes a guest to be injured or killed. If you or a loved one were the victim of assault, battery, rape, or robbery because of a business’s substandard security measures, you may be able to file a premises liability claim on the basis of negligent security. You may be able to hold the at-fault party responsible for physical and mental injuries and recover financial compensation for your damages.

What Counts as Negligent Security?

It can be hard to know for sure when an attack is caused by negligent security because the security measures a property or business owner should take depend on many factors. A business located in a high crime area with a history of violent attacks will have different security needs than a business in a low crime area. The foreseeability of an assault, battery, or other violent act is often a major determining factor in a negligent security lawsuit. Did the business owner have reason to believe that customers may be in danger? Did the property owner fail to fix broken locks, hire enough security guards, or install lights in the parking lot?


IL injury lawyerThe average person uses consumer goods on an everyday basis. From appliances and tools to children’s’ toys and motor vehicles, consumer products are a vital part of modern living. Consumers expect that the products they use are safe and will operate correctly. However, not every product meets these expectations. Defective products can represent serious and potentially fatal hazards. If you or a loved one were injured by a defective product, you may be able to take legal action against the at-fault party and recover financial compensation.

Liability for Dangerous Products in Illinois

The companies that design, create, and distribute products are legally responsible for ensuring that the products are not unreasonably hazardous. If a company fails to meet this expectation and a customer is harmed as a result, the injured person may be entitled to monetary damages.

The at-fault party for a dangerous product injury may be:


IL injury lawyerNursing homes help keep our loved ones safe when they can not care for themselves. Sadly, understaffing and other issues can lead to substandard care in nursing home facilities. Sometimes this substandard care escalates into neglect or abuse of residents. One significant issue that poses a great risk to residents’ health is bedsores. Bedsores, or decubitus ulcers, are wounds that develop on skin exposed to excessive periods of pressure. In addition to being painful, these sores can lead to serious and even fatal medical complications.

How Do Bedsores Develop?

Bedsores almost always develop on people with limited mobility. Individuals with full mobility can get up and move around, which relieves pressure on body parts and encourages blood flow. However, nursing home residents who cannot sit up, stand, or walk on their own may be in one position for long periods of time. This can cause bedsores to form on the body parts that are under pressure. Bedsores often form on the tailbone, back, backs of feed, and back of the head.

How Can Bedsores Be Prevented?

Nursing home staff can prevent bedsores by moving residents who cannot move themselves. For example, they can help residents roll over or move residents from a bed to a wheelchair. Unfortunately, repositioning residents is a responsibility that often gets neglected. If a bedsore forms, it begins as a red patch of skin. If the pressure is not relieved, the bedsore becomes a discolored sore or blister. Bedsores can eventually become deep craters in the skin that damage the muscles and bones underneath.


IL injury lawyerChildren are naturally curious. Unfortunately, this curiosity can sometimes lead to severe or even fatal injuries. If your child was hurt after wandering into a neighbor’s property, you may have questions about your legal rights. You may wonder if the neighbor is legally responsible for your child’s injuries. As with many legal questions, the answers to these questions vary based on the circumstances of the injury-causing accident. In some cases, parents can hold property owners liable for child injuries through a specific type of personal injury claim called a premises liability claim.

Attractive Nuisances and Illinois Law

Generally, property owners are only legally responsible for injuries suffered by guests to the property. Trespassers are not usually protected by Illinois premises liability laws. However, the rules are different when children are involved. “Attractive nuisances” are dangerous areas or objects that may injure a child.

Examples of dangers that may be considered attractive nuisances include:


elmhurst truck accident lawyerCommercial semi-trucks are massive vehicles capable of causing catastrophic damage in an accident. If you or a loved one were involved in a commercial truck crash, you know this firsthand. Victims of truck accidents and the surviving family of fatal truck accidents may be entitled to financial compensation for their damages. They may be compensated for medical expenses, lost wages, funeral and burial expenses, pain and suffering, and more. However, to bring a successful claim, they need evidence of the at-fault party’s actions and the relationship between those actions and the crash. Often, proof of Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) violations is a crucial part of this evidence.  

Hours of Service Regulations

Driving takes skill and attention – especially when operating a massive commercial truck. When a truck driver is sleep deprived, he or she is more likely to make mistakes behind the wheel that cause an accident. To reduce the incidence of truck accidents caused by drowsy driving, the FMCSA has instituted “Hours of Service” regulations. These rules limit drive time and require the truck driver to stop for rest breaks. The truck driver’s electronic logbook or the truck’s event data recorder may contain evidence of Hours of Service violations you can use to build your case.  

Cargo Securement

Trucks transport the majority of the goods transported across the U.S. Loose truck cargo can move around in the truck’s trailer, making the truck harder to control. Unsecured cargo may even fall off the truck and onto the road, causing a dangerous hazard for other motorists. The FMCSA requires that truck cargo be loaded and secured in such a way that it does not shift or become dislodged during transport. If improper loading and securement of truck cargo caused or contributed to your accident, you may be able to hold the trucking company liable for damages.

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