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In the state of Illinois, when an employee is hurt in the course of doing his or her job, the employee is usually eligible for financial benefits under the state's workers' compensation program. These benefits are generally available for any type of work injury, including those caused by an accident, repetitive strain injuries, and occupational illnesses or diseases. Challenges may arise, however, if an employee already had an injury that was made worse while performing work-related duties.

At Kaiser Hafezi Law in Bensenville, IL, our skilled attorneys understand that the law in Illinois offers protections for workers who get hurt on the job, including those with prior injuries or existing conditions that were exacerbated at work. With more than 100 years of combined experience, our lawyers have the background, tools, and resources to get you the benefits to which the law says you are entitled when work activities aggravate your pre-existing conditions.

A Prior Injury Could Affect Your Illinois Work Comp Case

Almost everyone will experience a range of injuries throughout their lives. Most such injuries tend to be relatively minor and do not require much—if any—professional medical care. However, other injuries are far more serious, such as those caused by car accidents, slip-and-fall accidents, participating in sports, and a variety of other causes. Many people also develop other conditions over time, such as arthritis, joint issues, and degenerative diseases. Despite these injuries and conditions, most people continue to work and provide for their loved ones.

The bad news is that an accident at work could cause a pre-existing injury to get worse or cause a re-injury of the same part of the body. Likewise, workplace conditions, such as required repetitive motion or exposure to harmful substances, could aggravate other non-injury health conditions. When these types of situations occur, your employer and their insurance carrier may claim that your injury or condition is not work-related and, therefore, is not eligible for workers' compensation benefits. It is important to understand that the laws and courts in Illinois largely disagree with such claims. If a workplace accident or work-related activity has made your pre-existing condition worse, the aggravated condition is often covered by workers' comp in Illinois.

Putting Your Case Together in Elmhurst and Elk Grove Village

The lawyers at Kaiser Hafezi Law know that when a prior injury or health condition is aggravated by work-related activities or an on-the-job accident, it may be difficult to prove your case for work comp benefits. To do so successfully, we will need to link the worsening or aggravation of your injury or condition to your job. Our team works closely with an extensive network of qualified experts in many different fields, including doctors, surgeons, and vocational experts, who can assist us in showing that work-related activities led to your prior condition getting worse. We also work with financial experts and other individuals who can help us demonstrate the full impact that your aggravated condition is having on your life.

At Kaiser Hafezi Law, we combine large firm experience with the personal touch of a small firm. As seasoned workers' comp attorneys, we are not afraid to stand up to stubborn employers or tight-fisted insurance companies. We refuse to be bullied into backing down or accepting an offer that does not meet both your short-term and long-term needs. Instead, we will advocate on your behalf in negotiations and at trial, if necessary, to get you the benefits you need to rebuild your life.

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