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Lawyers for Victims Injured in Motor Vehicle Accidents in Bensenville, Elmhurst, and Wood Dale

In a matter of just a few moments, a car accident can dramatically change your life. Each year, on average, there are more than 310,000 auto accidents in the state of Illinois, with about 115,000 in the city of Chicago alone. Such crashes cause about 1,000 fatalities and more than 80,000 injuries annually. While many only suffer minor injuries, countless others are faced with the daunting task of completely rebuilding their lives. At Kaiser Law, our attorneys aggressively represent car accident victims and help them collect the full compensation they deserve for their injuries.

Important Steps After an Illinois Car Accident

The minutes following an auto accident can be a whirlwind of activity and confusion, and it is easy to become overwhelmed, especially if you are hurt. How you act at such a time, however, could affect your ability to seek compensation. After an accident, there are some crucial steps that you should take, including:

  • Call the police. A police report is usually the first official record of a motor vehicle accident and is often used by insurance companies to determine preliminary fault.
  • Exchange information with the other driver(s), but do not apologize or take responsibility. Doing so, even accidentally, could jeopardize your ability to collect damages.
  • Document the accident scene. Take pictures of the involved vehicles and any potential contributing factors, including poorly maintained roads or malfunctioning traffic signals.
  • Seek medical attention if you know you are injured. The longer you wait to get medical attention, the more the insurance companies try to deny your injury and its relationship to the collision.
  • Contact an experienced personal injury attorney. Our team will go right to work in collecting and preserving evidence regarding your accident and will help you file a claim with your insurance company.

The road to physical and financial recovery can be challenging, but with more than 100 years of combined legal experience, the knowledgeable team at Kaiser Law will assist you every step of the way.

Protecting Victims' Rights in DuPage County

When you have been injured in a car accident, it is important to have a qualified attorney on your side to help ensure that rights are fully protected. However, having an attorney is not the same as having the right attorney. You need a lawyer with experience, of course, but also one who is compassionate, understanding, and efficient when it comes to getting results.

Kaiser Law was established in 1990 with the goal of providing honest, aggressive representation to injured victims throughout Cook County and the surrounding areas. During that time, we have recovered millions of dollars in settlements and verdicts for clients injured in car accidents of all types, including but not limited to:

Regardless of the circumstances of your accident, we will do everything we can to determine what happened and to hold the responsible party or parties accountable. At our firm, we know that insurance companies can be notoriously difficult to deal with as they often look to minimize their potential liability after an accident. Following your accident, you may receive settlement offers that seem reasonable at first glance, but initial offers are rarely sufficient to meet the needs of injured victims.

Our team will conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your case, taking all of the relevant factors into account. From there, we will negotiate with insurance companies until a favorable settlement is reached or, when necessary, to take your case into the courtroom.

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