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DuPage County Bedsores Caused by Neglect Attorneys

Elmhurst Nursing Home Bedsores Lawyers

Attorneys in Elmhurst for Patients Suffering from Pressure Ulcers Due to Nursing Home Neglect

When you entrust your loved one to the care of a nursing home or a skilled nursing facility, you have the right to expect that the facility will look after your loved one properly. This means that the home and its staff members are expected to provide quality care while serving your loved one's medical and personal needs. Unfortunately, the care provided in many nursing homes does not always meet the standards set by state and federal law.

Nursing home patients who receive substandard care may be affected in a variety of ways. One of the most common—especially for bedridden residents and those with limited mobility—is the development of bedsores. At Kaiser Hafezi Law, our attorneys believe that no nursing home patient should ever have to endure the pain of bedsores, as they are a sign that the patient is not receiving adequate attention and care. With this in mind, we work hard to protect the rights of affected residents and to help them get the compensation they deserve. Just as importantly, we will do everything we can to hold negligent staff members and facilities accountable for their lack of care and attentiveness.

What Are Bedsores?

Bedsores are also known as decubitus ulcers or pressure ulcers, and they can nearly always be prevented with the proper level of care—even for a patient who is entirely confined to a bed. These sores can develop when a person stays in the same position for many hours at a time. Despite the name "bedsores," they can develop on the body of patients who spend most of their days sitting in the same position, including those in wheelchairs. A pressure ulcer can develop when prolonged contact with the bed, chair, or another surface starts to irritate a particular area. Eventually, blood flow to that area can be restricted, and the sore can begin to develop. If left untreated, bedsores can become very serious and possibly life-threatening if they become infected.

When a nursing home resident is left in one position for many hours, bedsores can develop on:

  • The back or side of the patient's head
  • The patient's shoulder blades
  • The patient's hips or tailbone
  • The back of the patient's arms, especially around the elbow
  • The back of the patient's legs, especially around the heel
  • Any other part of the body that is in prolonged contact with the bed or chair

It is the responsibility of the nursing home staff to ensure that any resident who is at risk of developing bedsores is encouraged to change position occasionally. Residents who are able to move on their own should be directed to so regularly. Those who need help to move should be helped by staff members as often as necessary to prevent sores from developing. The existence of bedsores is often an indicator that residents are not receiving the care they need. This means that if one patient has bedsores, it is likely that others in the same nursing home have them as well because neglect may be a problem throughout the entire facility.

Protecting Your Rights in Itasca and Melrose Park

When you choose Kaiser Hafezi Law to assist with your bedsores case, our attorneys will start by conducting a full review of the circumstances surrounding your loved one's situation. We know that when nursing home neglect is suspected or alleged, the facility may refuse to cooperate with the investigation. With over 100 years of combined personal injury experience, our lawyers know how to get to the bottom of nursing home neglect cases.

Nursing home neglect and abuse cases often result in substantial settlements and verdicts for affected residents. In many situations, such awards are intended to go beyond just compensating the patients who have been injured, however; they are also reminders to other nursing homes that patient care must always remain the top priority.

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