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DuPage County Personal Injury LawyerWork injuries happen. Whether you work in an office environment, construction site, warehouse, or factory, the possibility of a work-related injury is always present. Many people who are hurt at work are confused about their legal options. They may know that workers’ compensation covers injured workers in Illinois, but they are also aware of the possibility of a third-party personal injury claim.

In this blog, we will discuss the differences between workers’ compensation claims and personal injury claims and the criteria that must be met to secure financial compensation through these avenues.

Workers’ Compensation is Mandatory in Illinois and May Provide Reimbursement

Illinois requires all employers to have workers’ compensation insurance. If you were injured at work while performing work duties, you likely qualify for workers’ compensation. There are only a few situations in which an injured Illinois worker cannot get workers’ compensation. For example, injuries caused by intoxication by drugs or alcohol, illegal activities, or intentional actions are not covered by workers’ compensation insurance.


Cook County Personal Injury LawyerThe attorneys at Kaiser Hafezi Law have extensive experience providing legal representation to clients in personal injury and workers' compensation cases. Our blog is dedicated to providing helpful information on how people can protect themselves and their rights in Illinois. We are proud to feature the top 10 blogs that people read on our site in 2022. Through our regular blog posts, we work to help readers stay informed and up-to-date on issues related to car accidents and other types of injuries, workers' comp claims and benefits, and related matters. Our commitment is to inform, guide, and empower all of those who contact us with their queries. 

  1. Can I Get Workers’ Compensation for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in Illinois? - This blog looked at the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome and how the condition is treated, while also addressing whether workers’ compensation benefits will apply for people who suffer from this condition. In a 2022 update, we provided some additional information about the medical and disability benefits that people may be able to receive if carpal tunnel syndrome is work-related.

  2. The Basics of Negligent Security Lawsuits in Illinois - We examine when injury victims may be able to pursue premises liability lawsuits due to a property owner’s failure to use the proper security measures to protect their safety.

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