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Are you a Chicagoland construction worker with injury concerns?

American cities are of course diverse and varied, with each commanding attributes that set them apart from all other urban environments.

Chicago is arguably unique in that regard.

Famed poet Carl Sandburg once emphasized that. He spotlighted what he calls the "City of the Big Shoulders" in his celebrated poem simply termed "Chicago." He described the vast metro as "a tall bold slugger set vivid against the little soft cities."

Anyone who has spent even a fraction of time in the city can feel its remarkable pulse and power.

Chicagoland construction workers feel that great energy most vividly, perhaps more so than any other demographic.

That familiarity is for obvious reasons, of course. Industry employees construct the metro's constantly growing collection of skyscrapers and other buildings. They build and upgrade its roads. They work underground on incomprehensibly large projects. And they are constantly exposed to elements and conditions that other work groups can't even fathom.

Those variables make the potential for on-the-job injuries an ever-constant threat. Industry experts and commentators routinely stress that concern. One authoritative online source underscores "the unique hazards that construction areas create." It notes that "the possibility for injury to workers or others on or around construction sites is always present."

What are some of the more common construction injuries?

Unsurprisingly, the list of injury catalysts in the construction realm is broad and lengthy. Top-10 lists chronicling danger routinely cite things like the following:

  • Falls (e.g., scaffold and ladder incidents)
  • Falling objects and debris
  • Infrastructure collapse
  • Trench cave-ins
  • Hazardous/toxic chemicals and other materials
  • Machine defects
  • Crush injuries
  • Vehicle impacts

That bullet-list picture is indeed lengthy and diverse, yet it provides only a partial snapshot of the potential and actual perils that routinely confront construction workers.

Here's a central point regarding on-the-job injuries. Although they are commonly addressed through a workers' compensation process, an injury victim often has recourse to an additional personal injury remedy based on third-party negligence.

That is, many victims can secure timely and aggressive help from a knowledgeable legal team that enables them to secure maximum personal injury compensation.

What benefits can a meaningful personal injury recovery secure?

Many construction workers and their loved ones are not closely familiar with the compensation they can receive from a favorable outcome obtained via a personal injury claim. Benefits are often obtained that address these and additional matters:

  • Accrued medical expenses
  • Future care outlays, including rehabilitation and therapy costs
  • Lost/future income from work down time
  • Long-term compensation and care for a materially life-altering injury

The attorneys at Bensenville-based Kaiser Hafezi Law collectively command many decades of impassioned and results-driven performance on behalf of injured Chicagoland construction workers. The firm welcomes contacts and the opportunity to discuss its strong legal representation for this important class of employees.

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