Construction Injuries Require Experienced Construction Attorneys

A construction site is a dangerous place where safety must be the number one priority. Workers often have to navigate dangerous conditions, operate heavy machinery and perform tasks at significant heights. Because of the unique hazards that construction areas create, the possibility for injury to workers or others on or around construction sites is always present. For decades, attorneys at Kaiser Hafezi Law have represented injured workers at construction sites and know how to prove what safety measures should have been taken.

When a construction accident happens, an individual can sustain serious, career-ending injuries. At Kaiser Hafezi Law, we are dedicated to helping accident victims throughout Chicagoland and the surrounding Illinois suburbs to recover full compensation for all losses, including lost or future income, lost benefits, and the money needed for future medical care.

Oftentimes, construction workers are also union members. That requires an additional layer of knowledge from your lawyer about the interplay with union benefits and the loss of wages, pension benefits, and more. The experienced attorneys at Kaiser Hafezi Law work with unions and union workers every day to ensure full compensation.

Our construction injury lawyers understand the interplay between construction site liability and the additional benefits of workers' compensation laws. It is vital to have our experience on your side so all avenues of compensation are pursued.

Some common causes of construction site injuries include:

  • Falls
  • Electrocution and burns
  • Falling objects
  • Equipment failures
  • Structural collapses

Our experienced construction injury attorneys understand how various codes and regulations, i.e., OSHA, BOCA, IBC, and others, govern job site safety.

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  • $15.2 Million, Record Jury Verdict
    Construction Injury
    Cook County

  • $450,000
    Construction Injury
    Cook County

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    Construction Injury
    Cook County

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