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Seven Common Traffic Violations That Can Lead to Car Accidents

 Posted on August 24, 2022 in Auto Accidents

DuPage County car accident lawyerAt any given time, there are millions of vehicles on Illinois roads. Cautious drivers need to be able to handle many different situations, including traveling at high speeds, navigating busy roads and intersections, and being aware of pedestrians or obstacles in the road. Traffic laws are in place to ensure that everyone can share the road safely. 

Unfortunately, many drivers violate these laws. These violations occur due to carelessness, lack of respect for others, stress related to busy schedules or other factors, anger at other people's actions, fatigue, and more. When drivers fail to obey traffic laws, they put themselves and others at risk. There are multiple types of violations that are likely to cause car accidents, including:

  1. Speeding - This is one of the most common violations, as many people regularly travel at least a few miles per hour over the speed limit in order to get to their destinations as quickly as possible. Speeding makes it more difficult for a driver to stop in time if someone else slows down suddenly or if there is an obstacle in the road. It also increases the force of impact if a collision does occur.

  2. Tailgating - When a driver follows another car too closely, it is difficult to stop in time if the car in front needs to brake suddenly. Tailgating significantly increases the risk of rear-end collisions.

  3. Illegal passing - This includes passing on the shoulder of the road, passing in a no-passing zone, or failing to signal when changing lanes. These violations can cause car accidents if another car is already occupying the space that the driver is trying to move into.

  4. Running red lights or stop signs - These violations often occur when drivers are in a hurry and do not want to wait for a light to change or believe that they can proceed through an intersection safely. However, this can lead to T-bone accidents if another car is passing through the intersection at the same time.

  5. Illegal turns - This includes making a left turn from the wrong lane, making an improper U-turn, or failing to signal when making a turn. These violations can cause head-on collisions or sideswipe accidents. 

  6. Texting while driving - Although using a cell phone or other electronic device to read or send messages while in control of a vehicle is illegal in Illinois, many people continue to do so. Distracted driving is especially dangerous because it takes a driver's eyes off the road and hands off the wheel, which may cause them to be unable to act in time to avoid a collision.

  7. Driving under the influence - This is one of the most serious traffic violations because it significantly impairs a driver's ability to operate a vehicle safely. Intoxication by alcohol or drugs can lead to car accidents due to decreased reaction time, impaired judgment, and other factors.

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If you have been involved in an auto accident that occurred because of another driver's violation of traffic laws, you may be entitled to compensation for your damages. The Cook County car accident lawyers at Kaiser Hafezi Law can investigate the circumstances surrounding your accident and help you pursue the compensation that you deserve. Contact us today at 630-233-9946 to schedule a free consultation.



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