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Illinois accident statistics spotlight need for proven legal help

 Posted on December 23, 2020 in Auto Accidents


The numbers are sobering and unquestionably dismal.

Moreover, they recur annually with numbing regularity.

Today's Kaiser Hafezi blog post spotlights the vast and varied - as well as often sad - universe of motor vehicle accidents. It's a topic that commands much of our attention, and here's why: Reportedly, more than 100 people die in vehicle accidents across the United States on average every single day of the year.

That stunning data bit comes courtesy of the U.S. Department of Transportation. The DOT reports the occurrence of nearly 34,000 crash-tied deaths in a recent year.

Unsurprisingly, dire accident outcomes across Illinois contributed materially to that figure. Safety regulators state that 948 people died in motor vehicle accidents spanning the state during 2018.

Much crash activity of course centers on the Chicagoland area and surrounding suburbs, given the region's density and constant traffic complexity. We prominently note this on our personal injury website, underscoring the sheer variety of a local conveyance mix that ranges from cars, truck and buses to motorcycles, bicycles, snowmobiles and additional possibilities.

The bottom line concerning accidents involving any of these vehicles often centers around injury severity and the dire need for a victim's strong post-crash legal assistance.

The right personal injury law firm will provide just that. Our attorneys at Kaiser Hafezi Law strive to focus on accountability, deterrence, client empowerment and securing remedies for victims and family members that truly compensate them for all accident-linked costs. Those range from medical expenses and therapy/rehabilitation to lost wages, ongoing disability and more.

Dedicated pro-victim personal injury attorneys take great pride in the professional role they play in helping accident victims call out third-party negligence and secure remedies for valued clients who suffer from it.

We appreciate readers' visits to our website and welcome the opportunity to provide information concerning our strong advocacy in motor vehicle accident cases.

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