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How Can I Prove My Carpal Tunnel Came From My Job?

 Posted on December 20, 2023 in Workers' Compensation

Elmhurst, IL workers' compensation lawyerIf you have developed carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) and believe your job duties caused it, you may have a workers’ compensation case. There are some things you should know about and what you must prove to link CTS to work activities and recover damages. An Illinois Workers’ Compensation attorney can help determine what proof you need to substantiate your claim.

Demonstrate Repetitive Motion Tasks

To start building a carpal tunnel claim, make a comprehensive list of all tasks you regularly perform involving repetitive hand and wrist motions like typing, gripping tools, or scanning products. Details should include average daily time spent on each activity and weights of handled materials. Present specific measurements - for example, “scan up to 2,000 items across three hours of my eight-hour shift.” Vague descriptions get discredited.

Document Onset of Symptoms

Next, gather medical records pinpointing exactly when CTS indicators like tingling fingers, numbness, soreness, and weakness surfaced. Clearly correlate the timeline of appearing symptoms with your work duties by noting declarations like “tingling began in my right wrist and hand after four years of working on the production line.” Concrete dates override denials.

Show No Other Potential Causes

Illinois also demands proof that nothing outside your occupational duties realistically accounts for carpal tunnel. Hence, inform doctors of any sports, accidents, arthritis, diabetes, thyroid issues, or wrist fractures that could contribute to nerve damage unrelated to your work motions. Deny drug use and clarify you have no manual tasks heavily involving the same movements outside the job. Removing alternate explanations underscores that carpal tunnel stems directly from workplace exertions.

Present Witness Statements

Supply declarations from colleagues who can verify observing your CTS symptoms progressively worsening as you performed identified repetitive motions at work over a period of months or years. Eyewitness accounts from people familiar with your tasks lend credibility regarding typical activity levels and substantiate your recorded medical and timing details. Their perspectives reinforce conclusions.

Get Doctor Confirmations

Submit statements from one or more qualified doctors affirmatively opining that your carpal tunnel syndrome derivatively stems from particular documented occupational duties based on consideration of your listed job risk factors, medical evaluations, and timeline of symptomatic manifestation. An attorney can help find an expert able to authoritatively express causation views favoring your claim.

Contact an Elmhurst, IL Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

If you know that your carpal tunnel is from repetitive tasks at work, you have a right to seek potential compensation. A DuPage County, IL workers’ compensation attorney can help you through the whole claim process to make sure you are on track to supplying the proper evidence. Call Kaiser Hafezi Law at 630-233-9946 for a free consultation.

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