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Could clothing prevent truck accidents?

 Posted on December 23, 2020 in Auto Accidents


Crashes involving a large commercial vehicle are among the most catastrophic accidents that occur across Illinois. These trucks are heavy and enormous, and in a collision with a car, the smaller vehicles - and the people inside them - typically suffer the worst damage.

Considering how severe these crashes often are, truck drivers and trucking companies should make every effort to ensure they are operated safely. This could soon be easier just by putting on a hat or vest.

Wearable tech to detect fatigue

One of the biggest threats to a trucker's abilities is fatigue. Truckers drive for long stretches of time and often through relatively boring terrain. These conditions can make it easy for them to suffer from fatigue and sleepiness.

In response to this issue, makers of wearable technology have developed multiple products that truckers can wear while driving. The vests, hats, glasses and other apparel items contain biometric sensors that can analyze the wearer's blink rate, head position and brain waves.

If the devices detect evidence that a driver is sleepy or could likely become sleepy, it can alert the driver who can then decide to pull over and rest.

As exciting as these solutions may be, there are limitations. First, they ultimately leave the decision to stop driving in the hands of a driver, who may not make a safe choice. Further, there is no requirement that truckers utilize this equipment. As such, the issue of fatigue continues to be one plaguing the trucking industry.

Is fatigue really a problem?

Fatigued driving is far more dangerous than many people realize. A driver who is sleepy - or has fallen asleep - cannot react as quickly as an alert driver. They can get confused more easily and make riskier decisions. In fact, a sleep-deprived driver could be as dangerous behind the wheel as an intoxicated driver.

Despite the numerous technological advancements aimed at curbing drowsy driving, it remains a serious problem and a contributor to catastrophic trucking crashes.

As such, it can be crucial for truck accident victims and their families to determine if fatigue contributed to a crash. If so, they can hold the negligent party liable.

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