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Causes of truck crashes: Why they are never worth the risk

 Posted on December 23, 2020 in Auto Accidents


"Living on the edge."

That is a metaphor cited in a recent personal injury-linked media report spotlighting the way that some people interact with modern life. They readily assume risk. They take chances.

As the publication Fleet Owner underscores, that behavior might work out acceptably for some individuals as they go about their daily lives and occupations.

It spells a deadly recipe when employed on Illinois and national roadways, though. And especially where big trucks are concerned.

Readers of our blogs at the established Chicagoland personal injury law firm of Kaiser Hafezi know well what we're talking about. Where taking chances is concerned, large commercial vehicles need to opt out. Drivers of big rigs like tractor trailers, 18-wheel semis and other highway behemoths need to exercise absolute due care every second they are behind the wheel.

Because when they don't, people die.

That result is flatly spotlighted by Fleet Owner in its nod to research conducted on commercial truck crash causes. The seminal federal Large Truck Crash Causation Study - described as "definitive" - reveals conclusively the tragic effects on passenger-vehicle drivers and occupants in instances when commercial truckers' on-the-road focus and care is lacking.

Truckers and their vehicles are rendered instantly dangerous by a wide range of diverse factors. Unsurprisingly, speeding ranks high on the list. The above-cited study stresses that truckers driving too fast are "670% more likely" to be assigned as the primary cause in a truck crash.

Brake defects are often a tandem problem. Sometimes, too, they flash a concern that indicates expanded liability. That is, a trucker might knowingly operate with awareness of a problem, while his or her employer might at the same time know that remedial maintenance is required yet delayed.

The bottom line concerning large truck crashes is obvious and dire: They routinely yield catastrophic outcomes for innocent personal injury victims and their loved ones.

The need for aggressive and results-proven legal help in the wake of a truck crash (or other vehicle accident) is often immediate and compelling. Trucking companies and their insurers push back hard to minimize their accountability and liability.

Kaiser Hafezi Law has a long record of demonstrated advocacy on behalf of personal injury victims, with multiple trial and settlement victories.

We welcome contacts to the firm and the opportunity to secure maximum compensation for the individuals and families that rely upon our representation.

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