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Physician burnout: How it impacts patients

When you go to the doctor, you expect him or her to listen to your concerns with compassion and make thoughtful diagnoses and recommendations. You also probably expect that when you get admitted to the hospital or get surgery, you are in the capable hands of a devoted staff of medical professionals.

Unfortunately, this is not always the experience people have. Too often, doctors, nurses and other medical professionals are burned out and fail to provide a standard level of care.

Could clothing prevent truck accidents?

Crashes involving a large commercial vehicle are among the most catastrophic accidents that occur across Illinois. These trucks are heavy and enormous, and in a collision with a car, the smaller vehicles - and the people inside them - typically suffer the worst damage.

Considering how severe these crashes often are, truck drivers and trucking companies should make every effort to ensure they are operated safely. This could soon be easier just by putting on a hat or vest.

Surgical never events: Those sound sobering, don't they?

We note a truism concerning the medical industry in a recent Kaiser Hafezi blog post: "The direct results of negligently delivered care are widespread and frequently devastating for victims and their loved ones."

One particular category of negligence merits special attention from medical malpractice law firms. That is the realm of so-called "never events."

Causes of truck crashes: Why they are never worth the risk

"Living on the edge."

That is a metaphor cited in a recent personal injury-linked media report spotlighting the way that some people interact with modern life. They readily assume risk. They take chances.

Attorneys Kaiser and Hafezi recognized by Super Lawyers

kaiser hafezi duo pic.PNG

Kaiser Hafezi Law is honored to announce that Daniel J. Kaiser and Mariam L. Hafezi have been named as top-rated lawyers by Super Lawyers.

The 2020 Illinois Super Lawyers list recognizes just 5 percent of the attorneys in the state who demonstrate exceptional professional competence as well as a high degree of recognition by peers.

Managing the paper chase after a crash

Illinois is one of the top commuter states in the country. Every day, tens of thousands of people drive in and out of Cook County alone. And for the most part, many of these trips end uneventfully.

In fact, Illinois ranks as the 13th best state for commuters to drive in, according to research by WalletHub. However, considering the number of cars there are on the road, the unpredictable weather and the time we spend in our cars on these commutes, it is no surprise that accidents happen.

Winter accidents: Who is responsible?

Winter in Illinois can be brutal. And it's not just the freezing cold or the heavy snows, either. A big reason why winter is so treacherous is due to the weather-related hazards we must navigate every day.

Unfortunately, these hazards cause injuries more often than we'd like. In some cases, an accident is just that - an accident. In other cases, however, incidents like slipping, tripping and falling are the consequence of another party's negligence. So, who is to blame for winter accidents and injuries?

Illinois accident statistics spotlight need for proven legal help

The numbers are sobering and unquestionably dismal.

Moreover, they recur annually with numbing regularity.

Today's Kaiser Hafezi blog post spotlights the vast and varied - as well as often sad - universe of motor vehicle accidents. It's a topic that commands much of our attention, and here's why: Reportedly, more than 100 people die in vehicle accidents across the United States on average every single day of the year.

Medical malpractice: a notably complex legal niche

No reasonable person in Illinois or elsewhere expects medical care providers to be perfect. We know that doctors, nurses, pharmacists, lab techs and other industry principals, while highly trained, are not infallible.

What we do rightly expect of them, though, is competence and their adherence to an established standard of care that prevails in the health care community.

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