Animal Attack Injuries Require A Skilled Attorney

As beloved as animals are, they can and do cause serious injuries. In Illinois, a variety of laws are in place regarding injuries and immunities from animal-related accidents. It's vital to consult our experienced animal injury attorneys at Kaiser Hafezi Law for help. We will fully evaluate your case and give you solid advice on what to do if you are injured by an animal.

At Kaiser Hafezi Law, our attorneys have successfully represented people injured by animals for many decades. We recover compensation for medical expenses, scarring, lost wages, pain, suffering and disability. Because of the intricacies of injuries caused by animals, getting an experienced attorney is key.

Some common animal-caused injuries include:

  • Horses — from kicking, bucking, running away while on a trail
  • Dogs — from biting, charging, mauling
  • Cats — from biting and attacking

Trust In Our Results

  • $155,000
    Animal Attack
    Kendall County

  • $325,000
    Livestock vs. Auto
    Will County

  • $100,000
    Dog Attack
    DuPage County

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: A dog ran at me full speed and I fell trying to get away, hurting my knee. Is this an "animal attack"?

A: Yes. Keep in mind that animal-related injuries are not just bites and lacerations. They include injuries from being charged at, being thrown from, being knocked over by animals and more. When you call, we will collect the details needed to properly advise and guide you.

Q: Who is responsible for animal-caused injuries?

A: The animal's owner or keeper is liable for an injury caused by their animals, and the owner or keeper's insurance often covers the claims.

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